Lauren T. Ohio

Environmental Endangerment

The environment is getting out of hand these days. The climate change, pollution and habitats are a big issue for many people/ animals. We need to fix them now or things will never get better.

Dear Next President:

Habitat hate is making lots of hazards in the history of the making. Our environment in the USA is getting out of hand with all the problems with habitat, pollution, and climate change. Their are very many people of the government that have solutions to these problems.

Environment has many issues in the present time on Earth. One problem that is occurring a lot lately is the destruction of habitats. Animals are losing their home everyday, while an easy fix is to stack homes for people on top of each other to use the space that isn't being used, the sky. Habitats of animals are being burnt/ cut down to make room for people’s homes and construction. If we were the animals we wouldn’t know where to go/ live on the earth.

Pollution is a worldwide issue that can’t just be fixed by a speech, we have to take action soon. 14 billion tons of pollution goes into the ocean. Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year. To stop this environmental problem, it could be a law for people to recycle. We also could have a lot more ideas of how to used recyclable products in everyday life over and over again.

Climate change in the US is getting worse each year. The earth's average temp. went up about 1 degree over the past 100 years which doesn't seem like much but after about 1000 years, the Earth might be a huge puddle. Farmers would have a very hard time growing crops with too much heat. People would live very uncomfortably. There will be a lot more floods and heat waves that would affect people's homes. One way you could solve this is by using natural energy such as windmills and solar panels. Windmills are a great and easy source of energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Solar panels will use the sun’s energy to provide the same electric power as any other machine powered source would. In conclusion, the earth has some environmental problems we need to fix for the better of our planet. Hopefully, you, future president, will know how to fix them.



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