Charlotte H. Ohio

Is Death Worth it?

Please do not let me end up dead. Millions of children are being killed around the globe each year and there needs to be an end put to it. Everywhere you turn you do not know if your taking a chance by stepping into a building, quite possibly even a school. Take the first step to stop these occurrences.

Dear Next President:

Since you are now going into office and have to meet demands of citizens in our country as well as world wide issues, I know you are in the process of setting an agenda for your presidency, so let me help you out.As a citizen in this representative democracy, I need to make sure that my thoughts are heard too. Many topics right now in America that are life and death need to be resolved fast, there are three issues that I would like to bring to your attention.

First, Domestic Policies at the moment aren’t as strict as they should be. Enforcing background checks before buying a gun is very important. Right now the policies on buying a gun are quite varied. In some states you have to have a license to carry bother concealed weapons and firearms, but in many others only a license to carry firearms is necessary. I feel as if we need to just have prominent rules for carrying/buying a gun so that we can prevent shootings as well as suicides. Currently in America there are We need to have background checks and make certain that everyone is credited and that they have what it takes to carry a firearm and can qualify to do so. Also if someone is planning something gruesome, we can prevent any of this from happening. So far since 2013 there have been about an average of one school shooting a week, I believe that we can help prevent this is there are background checks on everyone who purchases a gun. If we want the world to continue to be safe, we need to have stricter policies on buying a gun, or any weapon for that matter.

Second, we also need to make sure that there aren’t any more accidental killings of people. Police officers use their guns too carelessly and are going to end up hurting themselves or someone else. However guns are appropriate in some situations, but not in some like when Tyre King was shot several times and killed by a cop when he was only 13 and was only carrying a toy bb gun. Now there is a grieving family, a trial to go on, and probably a scarred police officer. To prevent more situations like this, we need to put more restraint on criminal issues.

Lastly, Immigration is a huge issue right now. I believe that we should not block people out because they come from terrorist countries. Most people who come from these countries are merely trying to get out of the lifestyle that they are currently living, and many are escaping political regimes that oppress certain cultural groups. If we block out people coming in from new countries, diversity, religion, ethnicity, and different cultural influences will decline. We learn from people who come from different beliefs and religions, blocking them out will only make things worse, we need to continue to learn these new ideas. Americans needs this culture to learn from different ideas, like how the pilgrims survived only thanks to the Indians. We need to learn new ideas and ways of life to work into our own. This is a very important issue right now in America and keeping people out is not going to help anything and just make matters worse.

Thank you for listening to my concerns, and I wish you good luck in your term as President.


Your citizen, Charlotte

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