Jennifer California

Teacher should get paid more

Hopefully when you are reading this you will be thinking of the problem in the U.S. such as teachers. This issue is important because teachers do a lot of things for students.

Dear future president,

     According to the problem Education is an important thing, without it we would not know the things that we know now. For example, we would not know how to do math, read, and write. I think that teachers need higher pay because they're the ones that keep the world going. They spend 8-9 hours in school then in home. They educate us for we could have a good future and a good life. “ They are teaching us difficult things, and sometimes students don't understand so they take their free time away to educate a student “. In this web site you will find more information why should teachers get paid more.

In conclusion, this why teachers should get paid more I know that I didn’t give that much information, but probably you got something out of it and give you an idea.

Sincerely, Jennifer 

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