goodwolf(Angel) California


my thoughts of the U.S

I would like the candidates to know that my hope is to get to see my family in mexico and I would like them to help immigrants become legal to help my hope come true. If they make immigrants legal I might get a shot at seeing my family again so I won’t feel like I never got to meet them. I also want them to lower the guards on the border that way more of my family can come and see me and so they can see the U.S.

I feel that the government should add more restrictions on firearms so there's less killing and so there's not another 9/11. I think the government should be run by someone who’s smart and not afraid to make choices that can put them at risk and other people. They should also have less border patrol and add it to the army or the navy or police officers so there's less terrorist attacks. They should also try to save more lives instead of taking them away.

I think a problem that should be addressed is the problem of immigration. They should try not to deport people because the immigrants are the ones who do most of the work in the U.S and if deport the immigrants than most of the farms would be gone most of the food would be gone and the fields would have nothing because the immigrants do most of the work in America. That’s why I think it would be a bad thing to deport most of the mexicans.