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Massive Immigration: Detrimental or Suitable?

Start thinking about you and your family. By doing something good, don’t expect to be paid same way back.

George Santayana once said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Back in those days, America was home to Native American population. When Europeans bordered this land, they were in need of help. The help of Native Americans in order to survive. Native Americans thought that by helping Europeans they were doing a good thing. They thought nothing bad is going to happen to them. Well they were wrong, so when Europeans immigrants grew in power. They started killing those who helped them.

And now centuries past, European immigrants are eager to do something good. They want to help illegal immigrants, Syrian refugees and most amusing thing is, they are thinking nothing bad is going to happen to them, today.

Massive immigration: Detrimental or Suitable? Massive immigration is dangerous not just for the U.S., but for every country. Different countries have similar but very different laws. In a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious country people may start having problems because of their different, cultural, political and religious views. Less than a decade ago civil war appeared in Syria. Millions of Syrian refugees started to immigrate to Europe. For countries like Germany, it didn’t turn out good. Angela Merkel passed out an open-door immigration policy, which lead a huge Syrian refugee immigration into Germany. Many now state that Germany is a disaster. Now some citizens in Germany say, “The city has become dangerous to walk in and even to drive a car. When I stop at traffic lights, I lock the inside doors of the car, so that no one can climb into the cabin. The same is done after my trip to the supermarket. I get into the car quickly and close the doors. Only then do I start the engine.”Can you imagine, being scared to live in a country, where generations of your family lived for centuries? Citizens of Germany hear on news how their citizens are being raped, robbed and killed on their streets. “BERLIN — A Syrian asylum-seeker killed a pregnant woman with a machete”.“The abuse of women by migrants...13-year-old Russian schoolgirl was gang-raped by Muslim refugees in a vicious 30-hour ordeal... multiple cases of rape have angered the local population.” Imagine your streets being like that, imagine being afraid just by walking around on your favorite street, beach, or park. Imagine being scared to send your child to school only because your child can be kidnapped or raped. Imagine, right now streets are disaster, and police are doing nothing. There are more criminals, than amount of policemen. And you, people around you ask themselves how to fix this disaster. The way to fix disaster is to get rid of it when it starts to grow in power. You have probably never heard that The U.S. Department of State... had approved a plan to bring up to 100 refugees from... Syria and Iraq to the city of Rutland, Vermont! Okay. maybe 100 refugees is not a lot, but do you think government is going to stop just on 100? After they might resettle thousands and then millions Syrian refugees and the bigger the number the higher chance of getting a terrorists a people who will destroy our country. People in Rutland are worrying already that, “The cost of resettling them ... is going to raise our property taxes 35 to 40 percent." By helping others, we are damaging ourselves. People worry about future of their generations. It is time for you to think about yourself not about others. Start thinking about you and your family. By doing something good, don’t expect to be paid same way back. Native Americans learned this lesson centuries ego. So did Germany in this decade. Learn from past, learn from others.

Dear future president, refugees nor illegal immigrants don’t know our laws and sometimes they don’t accept them. To prevent our families from suffer we need to strengthen our laws against massive and also illegal immigration. Safety of our families are in your hands. Thank You.



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