Gabriel D. Idaho

Forest are being neglected and Forest Fires are now burning at an alarming rate.

Forest aren't being treated correctly and now fires are burning all of the forest in our nation. But we can fix the problem we have created.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever been in an airport? An Extremely crowded airport? Is it hard to find a water and food source? That is exactly how our trees feel in our forest. Trees in our forest are extremely crowded and overpopulated. The overpopulation of trees will eventually kill almost all of the trees in our forest.

The forest includes substantial resources that people need to survive, and if our forest’s are rotting, our resources are rotting as well. Different types of trees are in our forest, such as ponderosa pine, douglas fur, and blue spruce. As it states in the “Resource Management” article of the Boise National Forest websitemany animals live in our forest to, such as deer, elk bear, moose, quail, etc.

The overgrowing of our forest is a huge problem, and the cause of this is fire suppression for over 100 years. The trees that I mentioned before are overgrowing because environmentalist are saying that we should not let our trees be burned by fires because they want to keep our trees “healthy” and supported with nutrition and water. The animals will are extremely affected and will be affected because now all of the water is being distributed among the trees and not the wildlife.

The trees are rotting and dying, so they are going to get disease and beetles are going to get in there kill the trees. All of the trees are dying one by 1 to bugs and other sicknesses. The trees won't be able to be used for lumber so we can't build houses with our own wood, we have to take some other countries wood. The animals will die or move to a different environment and we won't have any food that we can harvest.

What we can do is do prescribed burns, and we can cut down our forest and use it for firewood. We could even sell our wood to other countries. Prescribed burns are when people burn our own forest, controlled burns. We don't have to take wood from Brazil because we have our own.

So we can save our forest by prescribed burns and cut down our trees. If we don't then our animals won't be in a good habitat, our trees will rot and get disease then die, all because we don't want our forest to burn when fores comes through. Than we have the opportunity to regrow our forest and have our forest be at there best.



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