Adriel California

Dangerous Fires In California

California is in danger from fires. Let's work together to stay safe.

Dear Future President,

I am writing You from Watsonville, California I am currently saying that we need more money to put the fire out because it’s causing major problems.If we put more money and more effort I think we can put fires out faster instead of going slowly and making the fire bigger. They should use better equipment to extinguish the fire because some people have asthma and the smoke really damages you.

 They should put out the fire faster and for effects. It will burn down more houses and it will just keep on going and some people have asthma. Other facts are it can kill the trees that give us air and it can kill most of the animals and even people.

Because we are in a drought, the fire is bigger and the dirt and plants are all dried.So we need to be careful on what we are doing with fire. Let's say we are making a bonfire. We need to make sure to put it out all the way. 

Let's all work together to keep California safe from fire.