Zoe M. Michigan

Climate Change

Climate change is melting the arctics, causing more forest fires and more tropical storms.

Dear Next President,

According to Nasa, studies say that the earth’s temperature has risen 1.4 degrees over the years and it has made more forest fires and more tropical storms. Ice and glaciers are breaking because of the Earth’s new temperature .The animal ranges are shifting from place to place because of all of the forest fires . Some people think global warming is not real, but we have studies that say that in the last 659,000 years that there have been cycles of glaciers rising and falling.

Some of the climates have small variations in the Earth’s co2 that has changed the amount of solar energy that we use. We can forage fossil fuels and we could move closer to our work, so we are not producing a bunch of co2. Climate change can only grow more and it would ruin this world. This is our only planet because we don't have a backup planet. Nasa has satellites and thermostats to tell the earth's temperature rising. Climate change has been melting all of the glaciers since 1901.

The Sperry Glacier has shrunk from more than 800 acres and it’s now less than 250 acres.In India the glaciers are melting so fast because of climate change.When the glaciers melt, the water goes into the sea and then it causes the sea level to rise. In the future, some glaciers will melt so much that there will be no more glaciers. When the glaciers melt they will flood some cities and kill people.

Climate change is bringing more forest fires, which is hurting people and their homes, as well as their community. It hurts people near coastal areas because of the glaciers melting, then flooding homes. It also causes droughts, then it makes all of the people that are there in danger for their health. 



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI