Olivia T. Alabama


Abortion should be made illegal in the United States.

Dear Future President,

The issue of abortion across the world shows how blind people are about the importance of life. Scripture shows how all children are a blessing and are made in the image of God; which is why the next president should not allow abortion to be performed in the United States.

 Scripture condemns the killing of the innocent and shows how God creates children as a blessing to a family. Which is He also created us in the image of Himself, to allow us to love each other and not to hurt what is created or what will be created. God called us to love one another, to know Him and to make Him known. That would cause problems if abortion is made legal because it defeats the purpose of life itself.

 Also, abortion is linked to many mental illness condition which may cause depression, sickness, and even death. If one is not able to care for the child, there are always adoption choices or loving family members who could help out financially until the parent or parents are capable. Abortion should not be the reason for these mental issues and should be made illegal.

While some people may think underaged teens, rape victims, financially unstable adults should have the choice when aborting a child; should really the understand the purpose of human life. They may see freedom as the overall factor to this decision when in reality should look at the rights of the unborn child and apply it.

Moreover, abortion should be made illegal in America to make this world a more loving and safe place for the future.

Sincerely, Olivia T