Tykelia M. Mississippi


Why should or should not women have abortions.

Dear Future President, 

                  51% of abortions are performed on women less than 25 years of age. Abortions should be illegal because it's not good to do. Women are harming their bodies and mind when they have a abortion. But it should also be legal because some people can take care of the child.

                In the U.S. and worldwide, abortions remains common. Because the women can't take care of the baby. Are maybe it hard for them already in making a baby is not gone help them. It could be a money problem. They maybe can't buy food for their self. So they don't wanna bring a child in this world like this.

               I think the president should make this legal. Because the women should know if they can take care of the child or not. So therefore if should be legal. They may not be able to eat. Are buy clothes . So abortion is what they turn to.

            But then again I think the president should make it illegal. Due to the abortion harming the women bodies. To kill one of gods kids is not good. Because some people who wan't kids but can't have them. So abortion is like both it should be legal and illegal. Because of alot of reason you will not know some people go thought. The president should make it legal due to people can't take care of them.