Brayan C. Tennessee

Taxes and why they should stay

The real reason why people need to keep taxes and why it helps people more than what they think it does.

Brayan Castillo

Mr.Coleman Period 2

November 3, 2016

Dear Future President,

I would like to discuss the topic of taxes and why they help keep this “simple” society simple, within America. Taxes are important to this simple society because are responsible in paying the most important jobs in America, such as the teachers that are trying their very best to educate people into a career that’ll help the people of the future. Another example of taxes helping our society are cops. Officers are also paid by taxes believe, it or not, but they are always their for the civilization of America to better society as a whole--rather, that is what the idea is.This is why I want to discuss why taxes need to increase or just stay the same, rather than decreasing, because people are still risking their lives and are building minds to create something better in the future, such as our future president.

The future of our society is legitimately in the hands of our people. If our people decide to not pay for taxes, the decision will be a grave mistake--for the people’s children will be crammed into classrooms with hundreds of others, and only one teacher will be in the classroom to teach them. Another horrifying truth is that there will be more crime and less people to protect us, the people. This is why we, the people, need you, the future president, to enforce taxes; in this sense, people are not only being people are not only being protected but are also being educated and are learning how to create a better future for the people. Another way that you, the president, may better our “simple” society is by undertaking the responsibility to push people to see all the harm a way to get people to see all the harm that would be caused if people were to stop paying taxes and how their children would always be endangered because of there being no taxes.