Elishaday K. Tennessee

Animal Testing

In our everyday lives, millions of animals are used for testing products which many die from. These animals are used to test if products are safe for us to use.

Dear Future Mr./Ms. President,

A problem in our current day in society that should be stopped is animal testing. Animal testing is a very abusive and wrong way to test our products, especially on animals. Animals are already mistreated in many places by their owners, but we should not be putting the lives of the animals in danger to better our lives. We should find ways in order to better the lives of the animals. When they are tested, they are treated like objects and not like animals that have life. We should create technology that will help us test to see if the products should be sold or if they are dangerous for consumers. To test this technology, we should create artificial version that would resemble organisms. Animal abuse is illegal in the United States so why are animals tested on to better our products? Shouldn’t animal testing also be illegal?

Animals have lives just like us humans. Their lives should not be in danger to easier our day to day lives. For example, makeup products are used by some people to help them look prettier or feel better about themselves, which helps better their lives. Animals’ lives are important. A law should be passed in order to protect them. According to “statisicbrain.com”, it shows that over 19 million animals total are used to test products. This is an astounding amount. Millions and millions of animals’ lives are lost just for testing products. We just can not stand here and do nothing. Animals are living organisms like us and their lives are just thought as not important. According to US statistics, it shows that the number of animals used for testing has increased between 2014 to 2015 which were 767,622 animals that year. All in all, this is an important issue because if a law is not passed to stop animal cruelty, more and more lives of the animals will be lost just to test if products are safe. Animal testing is wrong and it should be stopped. We can prevent this unacceptable action by creating artificial technology that tests to see if products are safe or not instead of using the lives of the animals.


Elishaday Kassa




STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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