Ezekiel Z. Wisconsin


How many people will have to die

Dear President, 

"Thousands of hell-hounds called terrorists... loose on people" -Edmund Burke 1785. 

This is one of the very first uses of the word terrorist, you can see it always was a terrible word meaning terrible things. Terrorism effects almost every country and some even more so than others. Since 2000 their have been over 72,000 terrorist attacks and growing. We might think big, more well developed countries like Russia and the U.S. may be more susceptible but in fact, its the developing countries that have it the worst. Countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have had over 33,000 or 46% of the attacks while the U.S and Russia have had 1,500 or 2%. 

What kind of actions are we going to take to help prevent or hopefully stop future terrorist attacks. We could create more targeting laws or targeted hardening? We could deport but if we do we have to be extremely careful not to deport an innocent. I suggest preemptive action rather than reactive as well as an increase in surveillance. We could increase funding for counter terrorism research and development. Regardless, I think we can all agree that terrorism needs to be stopped not only for us but for the world.

Your fellow American,

Ezekiel Zietlow