Levi Missouri

"Depth Background Checks"

Why have shootings and gun purchases increased? Why don’t we do anymore in depth background checks?

Dear President, 

I am a freshman who is concerned about people buying guns without an in depth background check because

Over the years, guns have increased in purchases and shooting rates because we don't do anymore in depth background checks and race has given guns a different perspective. In “Does Race Shape Americans’ Passion for Guns?”, it says that if an African-American goes into a store with any type of gun, they are public enemy No.1 and are looked at differently. Imagine that someone is in a store shopping and an African-American comes in with a gun, most of the time you'll look at him/her differently and then someone calls the cops. Then the cops get there. It is more likely that the person will die instead of coming out surrendering because the cops will put race in between. Basically what it states is that background checks will always come between someone’s life no matter what race, color, etc, because the police will then do a background check and realize that person was licensed and had a permit but since he was an African-American he was shot down. 

This is why background checks are very important because anyone, such as criminals,can find loopholes. Due to circumstances like that, we need to make the contracts extremely secure. This is important due to safety issues when someone goes to a place where guns are sold. They need to be checked thoroughly so that they don’t get a gun just because of loopholes that they find in the contract. According to the article, “Mapping How Guns Get Around Despite Background Check Laws” it states that roughly 34% of people don’t go through a in depth background check. In an interview with The Trace, Harvard Injury Control Research Center director, Deborah Azrael confirmed the 40 percent figure in terms of people who’ve acquired guns without a in depth background check. Recently, on November 1st, a woman was shot in the arm while driving, which could have been prevented if that person had a depth background check. The article suggests that in depth background checks are very important because people should never find any loopholes and that number should decrease because 34% is not right. Say that, that percent should be decreased because maybe out of that 34% could be children.


We need backgrounds checks

So we aren’t next

Just like red rover

For doing murder

Who wanted a do over

For getting crossover

Why have shootings and gun purchases increased? Why don’t we do anymore depth background checks?

Sincerely, Levi

Frontier STEM High School


The best third block class in the world. Yessir.

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