Ivana Illinois

More Gun Control

We need more gun control in places that it is getting out of control, and where people are getting hurt.

(Letter to the future president)

Dear future president,

All the time when I open my phone to check out what’s on social media I see people talking about how their schools are getting gun threats and That’s why I believe we should have more gun control in the U.S. Do you know the average number of females and males that have a gun in the U.S. The average number that people would say is a thousand something, but the actual average number is 4.5 million that’s a lot of people scared now and all of those people have a different way of thinking, so you never know what they really might be thinking with something as powerful as a gun.Why should any civilian anywhere be able to acquire an assault rifle or other high-powered weapons designed to kill lots of people? The average number of people that get killed with a gun in the U.S is According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, firearms were used in 84,258 nonfatal injuries (26.65 per 100,000 U.S. citizens) and 11,208 deaths by homicide (3.5 per 100,000), 21,175 by suicide with a firearm, 505 deaths due to accidental discharge of a firearm, and 281 deaths due to firearms.This a good example of why I think problems like this happen is the age limit to have a license gun. People sometimes take their own lives mainly at a young age because of school or friends sometimes this problem may have a chance of stopping a little bit if we increase the age limit for having a license gun. We can change the age limit for you to have license gun instead of it being 18 it should be 25 because people below the age 25 don’t know what the meaning is to have something that can take away someone's life, that’s why I think that a lot of threats are happening at school because these kids at the age of 18 get a license gun and think they can do anything they want with it that’s why I think things like this happen with kids interacting. Also the age limit should be 25 because that’s when people start a family and they need to start caring about them and they would understand the responsibilities that come with having a gun. I think it would be a good thing to have more gun control to help with the safety issues and this can actually save a life. I think it will actually help with getting more gun control because teens don't have it only people that would want it to keep their family safe that's why I believe people at age 25 already have started a family and know the responsibilities that come with all that.