Ethan W. Montana

Gun Control

The violence of guns in this country has gone up. Guns should not be taken from everybody though.

Dear Future President,

Hi my name is Ethan and I am 14 years old. The issue I will be writing to you today is about gun control. I care about guns. I love to hunt with them. Another reason why I care for guns is because they are fun to shoot at shooting ranges. Last reason is a negative reason. The only big problem America (not just me) have with guns is that if the guns get into the wrong hands they lead to miserable shootings. Those are the reasons I care and don’t care about guns.

There are symptoms to gun control and these are the symptoms I see. First I see innocent people dying that didn’t deserve to die. Second I see people committing suicides all over the world. Last thing I see is another suicide problem from parents not locking up their guns from their kids. Kids that wanna commit suicide shouldn’t be able reach or get ahold of guns. In conclusion these are the symptoms of gun control. 

There are multiple root causes to gun control but here are some I think are the main causes. First I notice that suicides are happening mostly from bullying or depression. Another one I notice is innocent people dying from guns getting in the wrong hands. Last one I notice involves suicides as well. The kids that want to commit suicide are in reach to guns. In conclusion these are the root causes I am noticing.

Some facts I have of these problems on gun control are the ones that you didn’t need the news or anything. People just get the word around. Here are the facts that the word got around. First a fact is for the suicide problem. Everyone got told about was when a kid in Laurel, MT committed suicide because of cyber bullying and just bullying in general. Another fact is for the guns getting in the wrong hands. A tragedy story about this is when Paris, France got shot up by terrorists. Last thing or example goes with suicide and not locking up guns. One day three kids were left alone at their house and they were having dinner. The 13 year old got angry over a food argument with his 4 year old and 16 year old brothers. The 13 year old went and found a gun and killed his younger brother and wounded his older one. After shooting his older brother he committed suicide. A weird example but the gun wasn’t locked up. In conclusion we need to fix these problems from occurring.

There are some call of actions others may prefer but here are mine that I think we should do as a community. First off I think people should try to realize or try to see if any bullying is going around you because you may not know the kid next to you is going through hard times and is thinking about committing suicide. Maybe try to take more action for others. Another thing I think we should try to fix is selling the guns to terrorists or criminals in the country. We shouldn’t be selling guns to these people to prevent murders from happening. Last thing the adults need to make sure their weapons are locked away and are not in reach of children to get ahold of. In conclusion we as a community need to fix these problems.

Sincerely, Ethan W.

Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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