Rachel Ohio

Are We All Treated As Equals Or Not?

Are you going to work in the future? What job is it? Are you getting the same amount of money as another person? Are getting treated the same as any other person in the office or are you getting treated differently because of your gender?

Dear Next President:

In the future I will be working as much as any man however, I may not get paid the same salary as a man. I find it not to be fair. According to www.pbs.org, If I wanted to get paid as much as a man, I would have to work harder than the average working man. If I have the same college education and experience, I should get the same pay. According to www.iwpr.org the average woman gets paid 20% less than the average working man. Whether you are a man or a woman you should receive the same salary if your education and your job experience are the same. Today, women all over the world have the challenge of getting equal pay. Since a woman finds it harder make the same amount of money, they are challenged by not being considered as an equal. “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought of as half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”Charlotte Elizabeth Whitton. The quote means in order to get the same pay, a woman has to work twice as hard in order to to get the same pay. In the 1920’s women started taking jobs and were paid a very low salary. Over time, women began earning higher salaries. However, it has never been equal pay.

If someone tells me I can’t do a task, a job, or choose to treat me differently because I am a woman, it makes me feel limited by not allowing me to reach my potential. People who don’t treat women as equals think woman should just sit and look pretty, take care of their kids, do the housework, and think that women don’t have the smarts based on their looks. Today, woman all over the world are not being treated equally or not getting the respect they deserve in the workplace. According to http://billofrightsinstitute.org/ the 14th amendment: Equal Protection (1868) means to treat others equally and to not discriminate against other people because of their choices or who they are in this world.

People expect women to be housewives, take a certain job, or to take care of the kids because people judge based on your choices. According to www.healthguidance.org the most common stereotype is women should have “clean jobs” such as a librarians or secretary. This limits a woman's potential. If a woman wants to be a doctor, a scientist, an astronaut, a pilot, or a construction worker they might be put down by people who stereotype women by telling them they are not smart enough to do that job based on their gender or looks.

Even today, stereotyping is an issue for woman all over the world. For example, some men think women should be stay at home mom’s and raise their children, do the cleaning, do the cooking, while men can go to work and earn money. If any woman wanted to be President of the United States, a doctor, a lawyer, or run their own business, other people stereotype a woman and put her down. This limits a woman's potential as well as the success she could bring to any company. A woman should be able to live her dream and make huge differences in the world.

Think about it, if your daughter, sister, or mother needs to work twice as hard as the average working man, would it be fair to treat them differently, or not equal to a man and be paid less money for doing the same job because someone sees them as a stereotype? If you put a stop to this, then woman would get treated as an equal in their career and get paid fairly. Changing how women are paid would help allow them be more appreciated. What do you think? Should a woman get the same pay and be treated as equals or should they get paid 20% less than men and not be treated as equals because they want to work and follow their dreams. Does a woman really need to work twice as harder to be treated as an equal? IT IS YOUR CALL.



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