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My letter is about terrorists and how they must be stopped before more damage is done to our country. We need to do whatever we can to prevent innocent people from being killed.

Dear Future President,

My name is Nick. S and I am a very concerned citizen on the subject of terrorism. Terrorism concerns me because many innocent people are getting killed because nobody has yet to do anything about it. I am writing you because I would like to know what you plan on doing about the increasing terrorism issue in our country. Since the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., terrorism has been on the rise. There have been many different methods of terrorism that have been used such as mass shootings and bombings. There are many groups such as Isis who are very violent people that want to hurt America. We need to use our strong military power to take care of this issue. Another way to resolve this issue is to monitor our borders more and do heavy background research on people that are engaging in suspicious activity. I feel we should not allow anyone of any race or religion in our country without doing extensive background checks. It has been shown statistically that most of the people that commit acts of terror aren’t even Muslims “Non-Muslims make up the majority of terrorists in the United States.” (Huffington Post)

Terrorism is a major issue that affects many people and it needs to be taken care of so people in the U.S. stop dying from these attacks.When a person commits an act of terror it is because of a social or political injustice. “They’re finding it is generally more useful to view terrorism in terms of political and group dynamics than individual ones”(American Psychological Association) Terrorists feel that they have been denied their rights and feel that using violence will bring people to think of changing the issue that the terrorists have. The terrorists want to hurt others because they feel it's necessary to raise awareness. We need to teach people that this is no way to get the attention that they want. I think that we need to have more police officers and armed military personnel on schools and many other highly populated areas. This is necessary, because it will help prevent violent attacks and help save many lives.

There are many major effects that occur after a terrorist attack. Not only does it affect the people who get harmed, but it also costs millions of dollars for businesses who are affected by the damages of it. This hurts our economy every time an attack happens because businesses affected by it have to borrow millions of dollars from the government, which leaves our country in even more debt. The thing most affected by terrorism are the families. The families of innocent people who were killed by terrorists can never get back what they lost when their loved one died. They have to live the rest of their lives without their family member. Terrorism can tear a family apart by having innocent people being killed.

​“There are three different perspectives on terrorism. There is how the terrorists see it, how the victims see it, and how the general public sees it”( The terrorists feel that they are not doing any wrong and they also feel that the measures of killing innocent people need to be taken. They need to be shown that there are consequences to their actions. The way the victims that survived a terrorist attack see it as they need to be stopped so the victims never have to go through that again. Many survivors develop PTSD from these attacks which affects them for the rest of their lives. The general public is scared. They are constantly having to worry about not if but when the next big attack like 9/11 will happen.This is very bad for the health of our people because many people stress about if they will be one of the next victims.

Terrorism needs to be stopped before America suffers another huge attack like 9/11. As the next president, you need to ensure that American citizens are safe and have nothing to worry about. I believe this is one of the big steps in making this country the greatest in the world again. When our country has no more fear of being attacked it will give our people much more strength and make them believe nobody can hurt our country. It will save of millions, even billions of dollars because we won't have to pay for the reconstruction of massive buildings. Most importantly, we need to stop terrorism because it will give the victims that have been previously affected, the power to rest easy and know that nobody else will be hurt.

With Respect,

Nick S., Concerned Citizen

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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