Zakir S. Texas

Why we should change the energy we use

Reasons that the President should change energy that we use

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Imagine a world where the air is so polluted, we have to use gas masks with tanks of air just to go outside. The most important issue facing our nation today is the overuse of fossil fuels. Mr./Mrs. President, fix this by changing the energy we use in America to be renewable energy. Changing the energy that we use could contribute to the earth by making it less polluted, and we also won’t frack the Earth as much as we do now to get the gas that we would need in the future.

When using fossil fuels to power our cars, the emissions that go out of the exhaust pipes can pollute the area and trap sunlight from leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, also known as Greenhouse gasses. Changing the energy that we use could help the Earth, because the less fossil fuels we use, the less of an impact we give to Greenhouse gases. Research shows that fossil fuels are the primary source of fuel, which was 85% in 2014.

There may be people out there who want to keep using fossil fuels. Some would probably say that gas engines are more powerful than electric motors. Well, to shut down that idea-look at Traxxas, a company that makes medium-sized RC cars that go up to 100 MPH, and Tesla, which made an electric car that accelerates a bit faster than your average Lamborghini Aventador (Tesla 0-60: 2.5 seconds, Aventador 0-60: 2.8 seconds). It also costs $265,000 less than an Aventador.

When we use fossil fuels, we have to dig it out of the ground, and one way to do that would include fracking. Fracking is when you put a liquid at high pressures into cracks under the ground to get gas out of the areas. The bad outcome, however, is that the leftover cracks in the ground could collapse, causing earthquake-like results. By making the U.S use more renewable energy, we wouldn’t have to frack the ground as much as we do to fulfill the demand of fuel for the people.

In conclusion, if you were to change the primary source of fuel to renewable energy, then there would be a country in the near future where the air is about as clean as it would be hundreds of years ago-when people hadn’t figured out that fossil fuel is, well, fuel. And by that, I mean really clean. So clean, that the only thing that would count as pollution would be a person’s bad breath.

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