Gabrielle W. Colorado

College Tuition

College tuition is expensive. And the prices have been continuing to rise. What is being done to combat the price of a college education? Good education should not come with an unreasonable price.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Education has a major role in the lives of every person in America. Specifically I would like to speak about the issues of school pricing. I do not feel that it is fair that for someone to get an exceptional education they must pay an exceptional amount of money. Why is it so expensive? Do schools need more money to operate? If that is the problem then the wages of congressmen need to be cut. For congressmen to get paid as much as they do not only while they are in office, but also for life is unruly. This money should be going towards education instead of making lives of people with high standards more comfortable. Being a congressman should be an honor and not just an occupation. If education is so important then why must we be rich Americans be the only ones available to certain schools? Also, where are all of our taxes going? Our parents pay taxes every year and currently I only see the price of college tuition rising. Not only the tuition, but also national debt is rising as well. I do not understand where all of OUR money goes. We worked for this money, so we should get a say in where it goes and what it supports. America is supposed to be built on freedom. Americans do not have the freedom to choose which school they attend when it comes to pricing for college tuition. America needs to take charge of our money and first hand prove where it is all going. Mr./Mrs. President I hope you will be able to do this. You are not only representing the face of America, but also each and every person that is in it. 


Gabrielle W.