Bethanie C. Kentucky

Dear Future President,

Affordable Education.

I believe everyone has the right to an education and not everyone has the money to pay for college. I also think going to college and getting scholarships shouldn't be based off of test scores because not everyone is good at testing. I think the government should help pay for college. The next generation depends on how we are taught by the generation before us. If America wants strong doctors,teachers and good leaders they need to help us get through college and help us get on our feet. I don't think that everyone should get things handed to them; I think everyone should work for what they have but nobody wants to be in debt for the rest of their life paying back student loans and having to pay back money that was borrowed. The most important thing I have learned in my financial accounting class is that you don't want to take out loans or borrow money, you should pay everything out of pocket. If the government would help or lower the cost for college students then they wouldn't have to be in debt. Students don't want to start off broke out of college.