Tony H. Colorado

How to setup a college loan?

This letter will be about me asking how to setup a college loan and apply for a college loan to help financially in college.

Dear Future President,

I have been thinking about how I am going to pay for college and what I need financially. I need some help. My question to you is how are you going to help college students get a loan for college or help pay for a college. I know that America cannot help pay for everyone's college but you could give us help by talking to us and putting out videos and such. People today are still struggling from student loans. I am terrified that I will have student loans when I am older and won't be able to pay them. I have seen some people struggle with financials in college. maybe some motivation would help and some informal videos and articles. You could also put out more classes that people are required to take in middle school and high school like personal finance but more focused on college loans and money. Thank you for your time with reading this. Have a great day!


Tony H.