Carlos S. Colorado

Education in America

This needs to be changed

Education in America is often criticized for its lazy tendencies. This is large in part to public schooling system. Want kids to start paying attention to school? Get rid of public schooling and taxes will not have to be raised for whenever a school gets overcrowded. But how will we fund these schools with no taxes you ask? Simple, privately funded organizations. These will make schools a lot nicer looking with better utensils supplied for kids so teachers need not to waste money on materials for their students. A child doesn't want to go to school? That's fine, don't force them, that frees up more opportunities for kids who do value education to be able to learn.  It's not the governments job to protect us from ourselves. 

Also, sex education needs to be better. It is no lie that we as teenagers are going to experiment with our bodies as well as with other peoples'. Now a big part into why teen pregnancies are on the rise and are at high numbers is because these students feel that they don't need to use contraceptives or any form of birth control because they feel like this concept is awkward and far off. But if we make it a norm that it is okay to talk about sex and sex ed then most if not all problems associated with sex and the consequences such as STDs or pregnancy, they will soon diminish as a result of students being comfortable to talk about these things.

Students who are entering the real world are finding that they are having a hard time. Why? Because schools are not teaching students how to do adult things such as balancing a checkbook, paying taxes, managing money, and everybody wonders why the millennials feel entiltiled.