Haylie C. Georgia

What We Need From The CDC

We have too many outbreaks and no vaccines, so give the right equipment to the CDC.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever had the Flu or the common cold? Have you ever had to get a vaccine? With all the new outbreaks like the zika virus there needs to be medicine. In order to have medicine there has to be correct equipment for the CDC.

Thirty percent of parents say that they should have a choice as to choose whether they should have their child get a vaccine.Seventy percent of parents say they should get a vaccine. It does not matter if they have to choose or not if there are no vaccines. Without a developed vaccine for when someone gets sick they could have a serious health risk.all vaccines are tested by the Food and Drug Administration to make sure the medicine is safe and works well.

In order for the FDA to do their job the CDC has to be able to create the vaccine. To be able to make it they have to have the correct equipment and enough Financial support. Some might disagree about the CDC funding because they get a funding of three hundred million dollars a year but there are always bacteria we haven’t found or that could be hazardous to us so we need to be able to have the technology to make the medicine. The new Zika virus is carried by mosquitos. There is no vaccine for it or a way to have a high immunity if you have never had it. Some parts of the world a vaccine is essential, because they don’t have great health.THree to four million people die from the zika virus alone and there are still outbreaks happening. This is why we need to improve the CDC’s equipment and finances.


Haylie C.