Ariel T. Florida

Vaccines a Benefit or a Defect?

A lot of articles and stories have said that vaccines are something everyone needs. At the same time others are saying that it is a harmful thing that can cause autism in children. The time has come and the truth must be out to better the lives of the people.

Dear Future President,

The issue of vaccines has always been around but at this time it’s really become an issue. People aren’t sure if they should even get vaccinated let alone their own children. There has been many articles saying that these vaccines are safe and must be taken but at the same time there are articles that say that the vaccines are bad for our health and that it can even cause autism in children. I believe the people deserve the truth about what is going into their bodies and you as our upcoming president should make it mandatory for the CDC to speak the truth about these vaccines.

According to a phone call that took place between Dr. Brian Hooker and a CDC scientist named Dr. William Thompson the CDC is suppressing information that shows how vaccines link to autism. This will continue to stay a secret until Dr. Thompson is called to testify before congress but it is being deliberately hidden.

The people deserve the truth, they shouldn’t be unsure if these so called “sickness prevention” shots are harmful to their health. Also the CDC as a company providing to the people should have all their records out to the public without a problem and not suppress information just for their own good.

I hope that you as our next president will come up with some type of law that makes it mandatory for the CDC to be completely honest and keep their records public about these vaccines. The people deserve the truth in order to keep themselves and their children healthy.

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