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Immigrants that come into our country can make it a better place.

Dear Next United States President,

     I believe that immigration is a good thing. When our founding fathers came and came to this land and made it a country, without immigrants from other countries we wouldn't be a country. There is a reason why our country is called the Great American Melting Pot. That reason is because there is so many people of different ethnics and culture that live in this country.

    Immigration opens up ideas from elsewhere according to The immigrants from the other countries that  come from  them have lived with a different culture than America so they might have different ideas.When they come to America, they want to share what they have learned and how they have lived. People here in the United States think that their ideas are interesting and exciting. According to, our American journey and  success would simply not be possible without the generations of immigrants who have come to our shores from every corner of the globe. Without those ideas from other countries we wouldn't have the stuff that we have today.

     People coming from different countries with ideas, they can start businesses also.The people, from maybe Germany, may be more skilled in a certain category, like a profession or labor, than we are so they can help us. According to the other countries have people that are more skilled and can start businesses. Those people I think are some of the head people in businesses and companies. Without them we wouldn't have many businesses and companies.

      I believe that when some people like to build a wall on the border of a country could be a good and bad thing, but it depends on what you believe  it will do for the country. The wall can be a good thing for protection, but they should let immigrants in for the ideas and what they might do to help our country's economy. The bad might be the other countries looking at us or the country saying that we are a bad country because of the way that we have shielded out the other people. They also might say that that country doesn't want people coming and messing up that country. If you don't build a wall you could have police patrolling the border to make sure that you don't have illegal immigrants. 

I feel that immigrants are very important to our country.Immigration opens up ideas from the country that immigrants are coming from.They also might create businesses that have a big impact on our country.A wall may be a good or bad thing pertaining on how you look at it. Immigration is a great thing.

                                             Sincerely, Gracie Krueger


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