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clean water

Water is important to every living thing in the world and by preventing from getting dirty, the government and people should help each other to maintain clean water.

Dear president,

Water is the main source to all living thing in the world. Without water, many things will start to die. Human tend to use water without a second thought, but there are places in the world that don’t have much access to water and it’s hard to survive. This is why, the new President, please help make our water cleaner in the world. While all the water around us is clean, it will be convenient because water is essential to humans, keep sea animal fresh, and appropriate for irrigation.

All organisms need water in order to live, mainly included human whose body needed it. Water is very important and essential to human because according to, the human body is two thirds made up of water and 95% of water made up of the brain, blood is 82%, and lungs is 90%. If the water is dirtied, it can be contaminated and cause real deadly illness. As apply to the United Nation from; about 1.8 million people died every year due to dirty water. The water is either contaminated with diarrhea diseases or illness such as cholera. By just having clean water is good enough since it gave oxygen into the atmosphere as well.

Sea animals also need clean water as well because fish will be consuming by humans and give more benefit to human. Dirtying water is such a big threat to fish especially if people throw cans, wrapper, and plastic bag into water. According to, some turtle has mistaken a plastic bag for a jellyfish just because people did not clean the water. Keeping water clean can keep the fish fresh and healthy after consuming them, and it will not make an illness to us. This is why big companies who sells lake grown always perform consistent water testing and making sure that they have the best kind of water for the fishes. There has been progress but some part of the world still need help, and I hope our new president will help to reach out to those places to be as healthy as other places. As related to, in 1988, The Marine Plastic Pollution Research and Control Act (MARPOL) was pass out on Dec. 31st. It was an act to restrict people from dumping plastic into the sea, lake, river, or ocean. Once again according to, people has been dumping nearly 7 million tons of unnecessary using into the water. This is bad, and it will kill the creatures in the sea.

Good clean sources of water can also help irrigation. For farmers many water was used yearly to provide the organic goods for humans. As present in, 800 gram of breads is already used up to 1,608 liters of water. Cheese needed about 3,178 liters and rice is 2,497 liters of water. There have been more humans in the world than it is in the past and if our water is in poor condition, there's no way that the crops the farmer made will be enough to sell in supermarkets. Most water used for irrigation are from underground that were bumped up into the surface but it came from the same route from the ocean, sea, or rivers. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), about 330 million acres are used for agriculture, and apply to, the whole world uses agriculture except Europe and North America. Dirty water will not only rise the crops badly but can also bring illness to the body as well.

Water is the main sources keeping living thing alive. It is for us to use directly or to be used for our foods that we will eventually eat too. The water alone has help the world a lot, and this is why we should protect the water, we seem to take it for granted and never really thought through how important water is. Even there are more serious matter in this world, the new president should take a look at our water and help improve because there are many people dying every day that is due to poor water. We do not want to let people die because we want happiness and healthiness to all the people we love.


Maichong Lee

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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