College Cost

Tuition should be a gift from the government.

Dear Next President

From my perspective the cost of studying at a university in the United States is very exaggerated and elevated. Only a minority is able to afford college. There are also many young people attending to a university but with much effort. In the end they have to make loans to afford college and when they have graduated and got a job, their entire salary goes to pay the debt with banks. I think that education should not be paid, should be a gift from the government and should be free for all. If a country has more population with education then the country will prosper more and generate more income, because people have something to contribute to the country with their knowledge and their proficiency. For the same reason that education is very expensive it is that there are several young people in the streets, because they see education very unattainable and choose other paths more "accessible". But also depends on human beings to know the difference of the good from the bad. It is our decision to fight and keep fighting to get ahead anyway no matter what, but my hypothesis is not ruled out, it might influence a little. This problem must have a solution and I hope that you as President find the best solution. Thank you.

Sincerely, Rodrigo Munoz.