abbybaccus Alabama

There should be Equality

They say there is equality here but there is actually not that much of it

Dear President, 

          I am Abigail, and I have seen and heard about some different equality scenarios lately. 

          One is equality for LGBT+ People. Even though a law has been made for them to be legally married, it doesn't mean they are treated equally. In some states they are refused services because they are not straight or they identify as a different gender. Equality is a big thing the US has or had, but now it isn't really showing. These people are also getting less pay and maybe even beaten because of what or who they are or who they love. It's like segregation for them.

          Another type of prejudice  that falls in this category is prejudice against a certain gender. In some cases, if you are a female, you might receive less pay for doing the same job as a male. This type of treatment is unfair. Women have rights now, but some still employers don't treat women equally.

         Please consider these issues so that all people are treated equally.