Alina Massachusetts

Be The Animal's Voice

Animal abuse needs to stop. Just because animals can't stand up for themselves in the way humans can, or fight for themselves the way humans can, or do the same things humans can doesn't make them less important than us. They deserve respect, they deserve care, and they do not deserve to be intentionally injured or asbused.

Dear future president, 

I realize the idea of one person ending all animal abuse is extremely close to the impossible. But it can  be done and I don't understand why one person can't encourage animal abuse to stop. As president, you are the voice for our country. You make your point and the people need to get on bored. As president, you should not only try your best to end animal cruelty, but you should want to as well. I realize some people may not like animals and some people may 100% hate the idea of ending animal cruelty. I feel bad for those people. I feel bad for the people who decide to miss out on all of these amazing creatures just because they don't realize what they're capabilities are. Animals feel, yet they are treated like they feel nothing. There are over 7 million neglected animals each year. Why would anyone ever want to put an animal through that. Animals are like humans, they cry, they laugh, they smile, and  they have a life. They have a life just like humans do. So what if they can't express themselves in the same language as humans can and so what if their capabilities aren't the same as ours? ...Animals matter.

If you ask me, I would say people act like animal cruelty isn't even illegal. People don't try hard enough to stop it and those of them who do, get ambushed by the ones who abuse the animals. Animal cruelty is extremely common, yet there isn't enough charges against people who do it. That right there is the biggest problem that we as a country, definitely need to work on.  I could have wrote you a letter about poverty, or violence in the world, but I chose to right about what I believe means most. We are a community of animals and humans. The amount of people that use animals as their punching bags makes me sick, the amount of people that physically hurt animals for their amusement makes me sick, and the fact that there are more people in the world who abuse animals day after day than there are people in the world that don't makes me sick. They may not be humans, but they matter just as much. Being injured or killed for the human kind is the last thing they deserve. You as president, should make that statement. 


Alina O'Toole