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Rise up to Animal Abuse

My letter is about animal abuse and ways how this can be fixed. The Actions taken

            Dear Mr. or Mrs. future President

Over the years and centuries we have learned to disrespect and neglect the trust of our furry companions . This is a really big problem in the world today. The relation with this is I volunteered at many animal shelters in and out of town it took time and patience to rehabilitate them. Many animal’s lives change because from people’s actions. Many think that this form of abuse is a problem cause each and every day an innocent animal dies. Peta and organization is trying to open the eyes of the world to show that it's wrong to the way that we treat animals. I think that it’s wrong they are living creature’s they feel they have a heart beat just like us and they're none the less we are. Life is a precious thing in the world and sometimes people take it for granted and just choose to neglect it. 

About 70% of the animals in shelters get put down and this is a large percent may I remind you that most of these animals are either abandonment which is a form of animal abuse. Slaughter houses aren't human most just kill the animals while they are still living and breathing and walking around. The actions that the president can take is by making more strict laws with the abuse of animals. The president should make more strict laws on it because these animals are dying for no reason. They get euthanized cause the shelters don't have enough capacity to hold them so they put them down or they just want to get rid of them so they send them to horrible owners who end up putting them in dog fights,beat them to death or abandon them.

The government says that the laws we have now is the best they can do i'd like to disagree the government can make these laws even more strict for the murder of an animal that would mean prison time an animal's life is just as important as a human life if a human's life means so much to where we throw a man in prison then we should be able to throw the men who kill these animals each and every day. People today are still getting away with it.

So therefore Mr./Mrs. President please try to work on the rules of animal abuse because this does matter. This is a problem in the world we need to fix. We have become blind to this situation because of everything that happening in the world.

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 6

Mr. Thomas' 6th Hr Jr English

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