Aaliyah Michigan

Put a stop to child abuse in your community.

This story is about informing people about child abuse. We should help children in need of help. So if you like to help people in your community then this a great way to help.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I wanted to address you about putting a stop to child abuse. This is a serious issue in many areas. It is also not safe to know someone that is a abuser. It can be hard to speak up and say something because of the fear they could come after you and hurt you too. I believe child abuse should quit completely.

Every 10 seconds one more child is facing child abuse. Sometimes it can ruin there lives forever. It could also break bonds between parents, children or other guardians. According to the U.S department of justice stated 68%, of male felons reported being abused by the age of 12 years old. So this is telling us that this is there is a strong connection between children being abused at a young age are more likely to become felons later in life. Let’s change that issue.

Now i'm going to tell you more about child abuse and how bad things can get for children. Sometimes children are even hospitalized from their injuries, that can even result in death. Some kids are even beat with bats. This is not good, we need to put a stop to it. Also there is four types of abuse. These are called physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and child neglect.

Some results in physical child abuse are:

Bruises, blisters, cuts, and scratches

Internal injuries, brain damage

Broken bones, sprains, dislocated joints

Emotional and psychological harm

Lifelong injury, and death

All of these are issues we need to address and provide a safe haven for children to seek help. We also need to keep in mind that these are only some thing that abuse can do and cause for children.

I’m going to now tell you some possible solutions that could help to prevent less victims of child abuse. Talk to your children openly about these issues, they could have been secretly abused at some point in their lives. Your child could be scared of their abuser, and in fear they might get hurt if they told anyone. Be aware of unexplained injuries note unusual burns or bruises in the shape of objects or unconvincing explanations of your child’s injuries. If your child gets new bruises every week or day there must be something up. Also you can tell if there is bruises that kids aren’t able to fall and the bruises just happen.

I would like people to help with these issues. Please help to get more people involved with helping stop child abuse. One thing that you could help is by getting the facts out about child abuse spread world wide. Help parents and guardians recognize the changes in their child’s behavior. This behavior ranges from becoming isolated and with drawn, to becoming overly aggressive. If your child is always so nice and respecting everyone and all of the sudden they change they could be getting abused without telling you about it. So I hope you liked my letter to you and I hope you can help me to fight against child abuse and help the victims in need.