Lovly Minnesota

Personal income

We need to get paid more, if we need to pay monthly bills, clothing, shoes, and foods .

Dear Next President,

I am writing this letter to inform you about personal income. We humans only live once and yet we are expected to spend our lives paying up. Why should we work just for bills when we want to work for the things we want. But there is foods, clothes, and bills that take money.

“An average American household earns $63,784 before taxes”, then brings home $51,100 after taxes. (thesimpledollar.com, 2016) Due to taxes you already lost $13,684. Then you have your monthly bills: Electricity “average usage of $110.20 per month”. You also have to spend about $5,528 on insurance and pensions. Depending on much miles you are driving and how much gas is needed to fill up your car. For an example, if you were driving 15,000 miles per year. Your car gases is three dollar a gallons per 20 miles. In a year you already spent $2,250 just for gases. The monthly payment for your car is $478. You also have to pay car insurance which is $113. Then you have the annual car insurance which is also $1360. Your phone bills will be around $148. (thesimpledollar.com, 2016) And yet you still to pay other things too.

Everyone buys clothes, food, and shoes. Especially food.” An average household consist two point five people, who spend $6,692 on food per year.” “We, American spends about $2.41 for one meal.” Like eating at a restaurants you spent “$2,652 per year.” But “homemade food costs $3,977 per year.” Now, if you love buying clothes, wait until you see this number ,“Each year a person spends about $1,604 just for clothes.” (thesimpledollar.com, 2016) Some people thinks it just a so-so number but wait until we add all the total cost. “Woman attend to spend range from $370 per year on shoes.”(thesimpledollar.com, 2016)

People should be paid more. These information should be considered.


Lovly Yang