Grace G. Wisconsin

Animal Cruelty

Please take time to read about why animal cruelty is wrong and what should be done to help stop it.

 Dear next President, When you get hit by a ball or when you haven't eaten in a while, you can feel it right? Well that's this amazing thing every living and breathing thing on this planet has. It's called feelings. Whether you think so or not, humans aren't the only things on this planet that have feelings. A lot of people think there is only one type of animal abuse and that is physical abuse. There are so many more ways that people are being cruel to animals. Yes physical abuse is one, but there is also neglecting an animal which is basically not giving that animal the basic needs like food, water, a place to live or even love and compassion. There is hoarding, this is just when someone has so many pets, there is not enough room or food and things like that. Sadly, abandonment is one of the most top ranked ways of abusing an animal. A lot of people buy a puppy thinking it was cute and not knowing anything about it and once it starts growing, they don't like how big it is or how much it sheds or that it barks too much so people usually just throw it out on the street. There are many more ways but these are most of the top ranked ones. A lot of people think that they can get away with abusing animals because the police doesn't care but that is false. The FBI has made animal abuse a class A felony in a group along with the bigger crimes like homicide. There are punishments for animal abuse but I don't think they are getting the point across. For example, an article on, "A woman was given two years in prison for leaving her dog in a hot car parked in the sun knowing that it would get hot and the dog died in the car." Yes, some people may say that two years is a good enough punishment but for other cases, actually beating an animal or torturing it in worse ways only causes someone to pay a fine of at least $40. If that's all someone had to pay, I don't think it would stop them from doing it again, so I think they should either have to pay a giant fine or get sent to prison for longer than two years.
Craig High School - Ms. Tucker's English 9

3rd Hour - Honors English 9

Craig High School

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