Marie A. California

Animal Neglect and Abuse

Animal abuse is very wrong in many different ways.

Dear Future President,

      Animal abuse should never be taken as a joke, even if you're doing it yourself. The world that we live in, the people that exist, the millions of animals getting abused each year. Many people do animal abuse because they either don't like animals or are just plain cruel. Animals don't deserve to be treated like nothing. They are something to this world.

      Cruelty to animals is not a good thing whatsoever. Lots of animals get hit, cooked, drowned, and dragged each day of their meaningful lives. It affects the creatures and the people that are hurting them. Mostly, dogs get abused for no reason at all. One slightest thing goes wrong, boom. They get hurt. 

       We can possibly stop animal abuse if some people weren't so heartless. First, you gotta evaluate the situation. If an animal is starving and outside in the freezing cold, then that's animal neglect. Second, report animal abuse. If you witness any forms of animal abuse or neglect, then report it to your local animal control or humane organization. If these authorities say that there's the possibility of neglect or abuse, they will investigate and decide on how to help the animal. (American Humane -First to Serve)

       Here are some more ways you can stop animal neglect and abuse. Third, understand the law. Anti- cruelty laws vary from state to state, and sometimes from country to country or city to city. The legal definitions of abuse, neglect, or appropriate conditions may differ. Fourth, help prevent animal abuse. The key to preventing neglect is great education. The key to preventing abuse is stronger anti- cruelty laws. Which are laws that empower effective enforcement and includes harsh penalties. (American Humane -First to Serve)

       Animal neglect and abuse is a really important issue to deal with. It's even harder when if you're neglecting and abusing your own animals. We need to stand up and take action for these animals that we know and love. I want you to help us stop this cruel, harsh violence towards innocent creatures like cats and dogs for example. Many of us can save a few lives, maybe even more.

                                                                                                      Sincerely, Marie A.

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