Matt Minnesota

College Prices

Why students higher education so dependent on cost

College Prices

Dear President:

College should be made affordable for each and every person. Not what college owners think they can get away with. College tuition can affect someone's ability to go to a desired collage, put families in a financial crisis, and affect future careers.

Many students are faced with the harsh reality of college tuition when they start looking at different schools. Some students decide to go a different route, “ Thirty six percent of college age students start their own business as opposed to attending college.” Students who successfully start their own business often save thousands of dollars compared to students who attend college, and also may do better in the long run. Student loans can pile up students for many years after they have completed college. This another reason for avoiding college completely and starting your own business.

The other ninety four percent of the population is faced with student loans and debt. So why is college so expensive? It is because of college owners and inflation, “ If annual increase rates had simply tracked the inflation rate since 1971, next year's tuition would be just $15,189.” The problem is that colleges use inflation as an excuse to skyrocket their tuition prices because they know people will still pay the price. If college prices actually followed the rate of inflation, many families that couldn’t previously afford college could.

Some people qualify for free college. Well free college isn't actually free. Researchers say, “Free college isn’t free, it simply shifts the cost from the students to taxpayers.” I myself and many other people agree that shifting the cost of someone else's college onto taxpayers is not fair. Taxpayers have many other things more important to pay for than someone else's free college. College ends up being paid by someone no matter what.

Student loans control college students for years even after college ends. Former students say “ The loans control us and manipulate what we are able to do.” Student loans are a very important part of going to college. Many students would not be able to attend any college without loans. On the other hand, loans can control your money and how you spend it for years. The people who loan you money are able to manipulate students with it.