Evan B. North Dakota

The Dakota Access Pipeline

My letter is about the Dakota Access pipeline. This is a big debate all over the country, whether the pipeline should be built or not. The pipeline would be very beneficial for the United States, but not everyone likes the idea of the Dakota Access pipeline. Especially the Standing Rock Sioux tribe of North Dakota.

In North Dakota and a few other states, there is a huge argument about whether a 1,172 mile pipe should be built to transfer crude oil. Many people are for it and many people are against it. The people against the construction are mostly Native Americans. Why? Because the pipeline would be going through what is said to be “sacred” land and would ruin burial sites. People are also scared of a possible leakage of oil that could ruin the Standing Rock’s water supply. The pipeline isn’t actually going through the tribe’s land, but it is near the Missouri river which is the Standing Rock’s water supply.

The government should allow the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to transfer oil faster and safer. As of now, the construction of the pipeline has been stopped by Obama because of protests. More than 40 people have been arrested in the protests. A possible solution for the pipeline could be a different route for the pipeline, instead of going through Native American lands, it could maybe go around or make a different route. 

The pipeline will transfer crude oil faster and safer than other methods used now, which is why the government should allow the construction of the pipeline. People who are against the construction of the pipeline are afraid of a possible leakage, even though oil transferred by pipe is much more safer than oil being transferred by rail. In the years of 2003-2013, 99% of the oil spills by pipeline didn’t harm the environment in any way. When a train derails and leaks/leaks oil it is almost 100% that the environment will be affected by the spill. Another reason for the construction is that it would provide thousands of jobs. The pipeline is estimated to create around 8,000-12,000 local jobs during the construction. 

In conclusion, the pipeline is bad and good for people. It is good for the country because it is creating thousands of jobs, which is beneficial for our economy. The pipeline itself is also good for the economy, because it transfers oil faster and safer. Statistics prove that transferring oil by pipe is so much more safer for the environment than transferring oil by rail. The bad side of the pipeline is it is ruining many people’s land. 

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