Jayden G. North Dakota

Coal importance

Coal was our power source for many of years why would we change it. If it isn't broken why would we fix it.

November 2, 2016

Dear President,

I live in a small town in North Dakota and both of my parents work at a power plant. My opinion is that we shouldn't get rid of coal. My first reasons are that we have been using coal as a source for a while and why would we change what isn't broken? The community has also been successful and has been using it very effectively. Using it to its full extent. Coals use of power is better than solar and wind power just because it isn't windy all day and it isn't sunny all day.

If the next president took away coal as a power source not only my parents but many other people would lose their jobs. Taking away the power plants is basically ruining all of the lives in North Dakota. If the next president gets rid of coal then he/she would have to rely on solar and wind energy. Like I said before it isn't always sunny and it isn't always windy that means solar and wind power isn't that much useful as coal power if those days were to happen we would have any power or at least not that much power.

Coal isn't the cleanest power source but coal has gotten cleaner than what it was before. Coal is clean enough so it doesn't hurt our environment. If the community really tried hard enough we can get coal a lot more cleaner than what it is now. Even before when coal was dirty I still thought that coal wasn't that dirty still back then.

All in all, the next president shouldn't get rid of coal because it has gotten a lot cleaner, it is a better source of power than solar and wind energy. Finally, many people including my parents who are in North Dakota will lose their jobs and it will be very difficult to find a new one.


Jayden Gierke