shanie d. North Dakota

The Cost of Pay to Play

Some kids don't get to participate in sports because of the high prices.

Dear Future President,

I know you’re a very busy person that has lot of responsibilities like taking care of the United States of America and the people. I’m still going to write this just in case you do get a chance to read this.

I bet you’re wondering why I am writing to you. I’m not just writing to talk about nothing. I do have a purpose in writing to you, and that is the prices to participate in sports. To be able to play a sport there is a fee that you have to pay. Some people may not be able to pay them because the prices have risen. For example, in Washington district, the prices to play have nearly quadrupled since 2008. To play a sport, you have to pay a fee of about $100 or more, and $100 may not sound like much, but if your family is struggling to get by each month, the amount becomes enormous.

Some families can barely afford the essentials to living, so sometimes they cannot afford for their child to play in a sport. Some people have to work very hard just to earn $100 and they use it so they can have basic needs, like food, shelter, and paying bills. I think every child that wants to play a sport should have the opportunity to try one out and play without having to pay so much for the sport they want to play.

I do understand that the jerseys and uniforms cost more so when the players pay the fees some goes to that, but we also have to buy things that the sports administrators do not include, (most of the time), in order to play the sport like shoes and socks. Each school district is able to charge whatever it sees fits, so I guess if it’s a real problem and the school is charging extreme amounts of money to participate in school sports, then the parents can address this problem with the board of the school. If the fee is say, $170 plus the cost of everything we need to buy to play, that can get to be spendy. If schools want new jerseys and all brand new things for sports, then those are the kind of things they should save up for instead of things the school doesn’t need.

If it is not a possibility to lower the costs, then that could mean smaller teams and less people playing sports. If there’s not many people in a sport it could cause stress for the people that are in it because they’d have to work extra hard at games because of less players, they’d be in a lot and they’d get very tired. This may not be as important as world hunger or jobs or things like that, but playing sports in school makes the years you’re in school more enjoyable.

Mr / Mrs. President please take what I have to say into consideration.