Megan K. North Dakota

Coal Power Plants

Coal Power Plants

November 2, 2016

Dear President,

YOU'RE FIRED! These are the words that billions of United State’s citizens will be hearing when the power plants are being shut down. It's heartbreaking that people will lose their steady paying jobs to raise their American families. The coal power plant runs the heart of America giving people their electricity and gas that they need in their daily God given lives. America has come a long way from candlelight to the flip of a light switch that will light up your whole house. Energy is a necessity for daily lives here in America.

But here are the facts: America doesn't have enough other resources to supply America with all the energy to meet its needs. Our country needs reliable power and the power plants are the way to go. If you shut down the power plants the economy will drop down, over 45% (CNN 2015). That is how much the power plants affect this beautiful USA.

In conclusion, power plants are one of the most important things in America. Next time when you flip the light switch take a moment and think of the hard working men and women employed by such business.


Megan Koehler

Beulah Miners

Beulah High School - English II (Utecht)

Beulah High School, Beulah, ND

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