Logan G. North Dakota

Police Brutality

My letter is about the problem of police brutality and if its a major problem and if it needs fixing.

Dear President,

In society police brutality is a major problem right now. I do not have much relation to it other than I think it's wrong and is getting way out of control. Both Hillary and Trump have talked about the police brutality problem but haven't went much into to detail. Videos have went viral of cops usually excessive force and even killing people and a lot of innocent people. Content staff writer for MIC states β€œ98% of police brutality events don’t end with the officer being charged with a crime.” That being said the ones that are suppose to be protecting us are the ones doing the crime and taking advantage of their power.

Police officers should be required to wear chest cameras at all times so we know exactly what happens in the situation. Too many people are getting killed and abused by police officers everyday. Keith scott was a 43 year old man who was shot by police because he was thought to have a gun. He walked out of his car after police had him to gunpoint and were telling him to get out. He was shot once he got out with nothing in his hands. Police officers are getting out of control and there needs to be a way to stop the violence when it is not needed.

Donald Trump thinks body cameras can be a good thing for the police because they get accused of things too often. They need federal funding because not all police departments have the money to buy the body cameras and that he thinks the police do a phenomenal job at keeping the streets safe. Sometimes cops have to use more force if someone is a threat or if they are in fear of their life.

People need to care more and open their eyes because innocent people are dying everyday because of carelessness. The violence needs to stop and everyone can help stop it. 

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 2

Mr. Thomas' 2nd Hour Junior English

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