Phoebe G. North Dakota

Issues Regarding the U.S.

One of the main controversial issues in America is abortion. Another issue facing the states is the amount of homeless people. If these two issues are resolved the country will be a better place to live for everyone.

Dear Future President,

There are many issues facing our country at this time. One of the biggest and most controversial issues in the U.S. is abortion. Another major issue in the country is the amount of homeless people. These problems need to be recognized and addressed.

A woman’s right to choose vs the right to life is a major political, religious, scientific, and moral debate in our country. Pregnant women often face difficult decisions whether to bring a child into the world or not. Some citizens say that abortion is the mother's choice because it is the mother's body. However, a mother shouldn't be allowed that right because it is not her body, it is the child's. Therefore, abortion should be illegal as it disregards the rights of this unborn child. If the parents of the child do not wish to have a baby, there are other options available. The child can be adopted by a family who is unable to conceive a child of their own. If the red tape in this process is improved and costs to the adopting family reduced, more families will choose to adopt these unwanted children. Pregnant women who face this difficult decision can be linked up with families that are interested in adoption. These families can then provide a loving home for this wanted child.

The value of a loving home is easily apparent. Children have more stability and security which leads to better grades and a better life. Unfortunately, this is not alway the case. According to, there are approximately 1.75 million homeless people in the country today. Homelessness prevents people from getting work and thereby adds to the poverty issues that the United States faces. It seems that this could be addressed by thinking outside of the box. The amount of vacant homes in the United States is 18.6 million ( The ability for the US to acquire enough properties to house these families seems to be reasonable. There should be no reason for any family to be living on the streets. The access to safe homeless shelters is limited to many of these people due to volume. Government supported housing should be given to the homeless to aid in job hunting, allow them to obtain better food, and create a safe place for families to live. These homes should be accessible to every homeless person in America.

The United States faces many challenges and two of the most important are homelessness and abortion. If these issues are able to be resolved, the country will be a better place to live. The resolution of these major issues will lay the groundwork for the resolution of the other minor issues the United States faces.


Phoebe G.