Jazmin North Dakota

Lower the Drinking Age

Bring down the drinking age.

Dear Sir or Madam President

The drinking age in the United States should be lowered down to the age 18. The reason being is that driving accidents, unsafe drinking activity and binge drinking can all be decreased. It would be decreased because the desire for having alcohol would be less, due to tolerating and being responsible at a young age, as for when you’re 21 you have the desire to drink more due to the uncertainty of it.

18 year olds in the U.S are allowed to vote, to enlist into the military, be a legal parent/guardian, allowed to pay their own taxes, serve on a jury, make a will, but none of those including legal to drink alcohol. Many colleges around the U.S, including colleges North Carolina especially, with the university's Duke, Ohio State, and Dartmouth are all trying to make the drinking age lower, saying current laws are encouraging binge drinking on campus.

Unsafe alcohol activity under the age of 18 percentages are rising. Underage drinking increases the risk of sexual assault, aggressive/violent behavior, and drinking and driving. Motor vehicle accidents are more common from new drinkers because the years of not being exposed to it makes the thrill and curiosity of alcohol grow more. Recent research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have estimated around 4358 people under the age died from alcohol, that includes vehicle accidents, suicides, homicides as well as alcohol poisoning and so on.

When turning 18 there are many responsibilities you take on, legally and just in life. Even though your brain is still developing you’re still legally an adult, and liability of your actions. Binge drinking has only increased over the years and by lowering the drinking age it would decrease the numbers.

In conclusion the drinking age should be 18. It would decreases many injuries and many deaths. Unsafe drinking activity including sexual assault and binge drinking would decrease over the years once the law is made.

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