Monica a. Massachusetts

Combat Climate Change

This is a letter about why and how we should combat climate changes. gases or pollution can kill the Earth. So we need to take care.

Dear Next President,

There are many people who don’t believe climate changes, but it affects all living things. Climate change is the rising of the temperature in the atmosphere, and the humans are making it rise more dramatically by polluting the Earth. If the humans and the government don’t control the climate changes, the living things might not adapt to the temperature and they can go into extinction.

In the article,” Humanity’s last stand: how we can stop climate change before it kills us”, by Clay Farris, he said “Fossil fuels are affecting climate changes.’’ It should be fixed! Fossil fuels harm the atmosphere when burning it releases toxic gas into the atmosphere. Some place have too many toxic gases and people breath those gases, and our cells receive those toxic gases and those gases can make us severely sick, and it can kill us. These gases also can heat up the Earth creating the greenhouse.If we don’t do something about this issue it might kill us!

The government should make limits for the industries that burn a lot of fossil fuel. This issues is really bad and it affects many things. Not just about fossil fuel issues, there are more and more climate changes issues in this atmosphere! This is really important. Right now there are many climate changes issues.It is very dangerous to all the living things.In the article” As the climate changes,risk human health with accelerate white house warns” by Brady Bennis said “death from extream heat” Thats exacly what is happening now beacuse the most of gases affecting temperture.Said in the article Humanities last stand: how we can stop climet change before it kills us by Clay Farris ”Gases from cars, tranks or bus are really bad and that is affecting the temperture too!” But not just that… There is more and more gases around in the Earth. It’s not even good for living things. That all gases are affecting temperature and atmosphere.

Some people don’t believe climate change as I said at first. So people who don’t believe climate change they have different opinions and maybe they don’t care about climate change. It’s not bad thing to have different ideas but we should know that climate change is bad for Earth and it will affect living thing. Some people think it is wrong. According to the article Pope Francis is wrong to combat climate change by , one person said, “ fossil fuels have allowed mankind to stop nature from slapping man in the face.” that is wrong because we are “slapping nature in the face” by burning fossil fuels, and we are going down with nature too. The planet is overheating and living things are dieing.

All of us is going to get sick by breathing in these toxic gases in the air, forests are catching fire, because of the heat, animals houses are beginning to burnt down wit the forest. Forests are also being destroyed by humans, and a lot of those humans are working for big companies. By doing that they burn fossil fuel cutting them down with the tractors, and preventing the trees to purify air. By doing those things, they are going to get sick or die, and they are killing the Earth as well.We all need to know about climate changes affecting all the living thing and even humans.

Climate change is dangerous and bad for living things. I think that we should do something about it. Maybe put limits on companies and limit the tree cutting. We need to know about this issue and do something about this issues. With our honor and consideration, we hope that you do something about this issue and we wish you luck running the U.S.A. Thank you for your time.


Ami and Monica

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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