Erin L. & Marni F. Massachusetts

Clean Drinking Water

Our article is written about clean drinking water around the world.

Dear Next President:

People are dying in countries of diseases like cholera from using and drinking unsafe polluted water. Providing fresh, clean water to countries like China is possible. Doing this can help to stop this global issue. We can provide clean water to other countries by speaking to their governments.We should try to help this issue because we can organize something that can be beneficial to the both of us.

Hope yet exists to provide fresh water for villages, towns, cities, and countries all over the world. We all need to try our best to make that happen. First we need to figure out how much fresh water we really have left on the planet. However the real truth is, we really don’t know. Groundwater is especially our biggest stock for fresh water, but yet none us have done the exploration we need the most, and that’s not acceptable. Secondly, we are all saying we are running out of water, and that’s true, but how much do we actually need to grow food, for industry, domestic use, and of course the environment. Humans most definitely cannot expect to use all the available waters we have left and to have a healthy environment to live on. Yet in the course of climate change, and population growth, you can’t expect this not to change. According to the article The Earth’s Water Supply Is in Grave danger by Jeffrey K. McKee "Today I challenge our government and others around the world to do the exploration that needs doing. If water is in fact the new oil, let's finally do the exploration with the same vigor. We cannot begin to address sustainability issues unless we actually know how much water we have.” (Jeffrey K. McKee The Earth’s Water Supply Is in Grave danger) So to fix this we need to figure out what we have left and solve accordingly.

Imagine if we had a new crop or good in our country just because we supplied another country with drinking water. Think about how we could have allies and more troops to fight violence from just supplying them clean water! Like author Gale says, “Water pollution is a global problem that especially affects developing countries” (Water Pollution) if we help these countries develop, then they can become strong to help us with our future problems. These developing countries will most likely will want to thank us for our help. So therefore we will gain a new good or item or even maybe something much, much more like new workers that are skilled in farming, because soon we will need more farms for produce.

Also people are seeing this problem in a whole different way. Some people say “No, we can’t end it.” (Jeffrey K. McKee The Earth's Water Supply Is in Grave Danger) Further more people say things like this because “It's too big for humanity to beat down and conquer” (Jeffrey K. McKee The Earth's Water Supply Is in Grave Danger). People also say these things because it can be overwhelming to think about and try to sort out problem fixing ideas. But these ideas might be right because they sometimes suggest dangerous problems that we could run into transporting water. We could be faced with terrorist attacks or even storms that are potentially deadly to our water supply.

However, if we keep ourselves positive and focused according to the article The Earth's Water Supply Is in Grave Danger by Jeffrey K. McKee “I truly believe that with a shared vision, with leadership and commitment from governments around the world, and with public and private partnerships, we can manage our way through to ensure a sustainable water future." (Jeffrey K. McKee The Earth's Water Supply Is in Grave Danger) With this mindset, we can accomplish this project of supplying fresh, clean water to developing cities, towns, countries, and nations around the world. Then when we do solve this problem, we and other countries will thrive in an abundance of water, food, and a more powerful government.

People are dying in other countries from diseases, from drinking and using unsafe polluted water. We should supply these countries with fresh water. In doing this we can gain new goods and allies in return for clean drinking water. We will also be a thriving country with the abundance of food, water, and allies we gain. Next President, you should make an effort to solve this issue so we can move on to the huge other problems that we soon will be facing if we don’t solve them now. Can you imagine America with this same exact issue?

Yours Truly,

Erin Lobik & Marni Freedman

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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