selena Massachusetts

The Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge of Allegiance


 My name is  Selena and  I am writing to you because I want to talk about the Pledge of Allegiance.   Why do we have the pledge when we as people of color feel like we really don't have justice or liberty.  For example, a lot of black people are getting hurt by other people in our community.   According to the Huffington Post online which talks about black people getting killed by the police, it states , "U.S. police have killed at least 194 black people in 2016".  And according to a project by The Guardian that tracks police killings in America, "Keith Lamar Scott became the latest addition to the list on Tuesday after an officer in Charlotte, North Carolina, shot him dead". 

I'm going to stand up for my people!   According to the Pledge, it is says "Indivisible with liberty and justice for all".  Well what I know from this is that we as black people feel like why do we have the pledge when the promise of keeping us safe is not happening?   I feel like we are suppose to have equal rights and have a chance to achieve and become better people in life.  But this is not happening because there is a lot of people in our community that are getting hurt by weapons.   I think that the only way that this problem can be solved is by understanding someone's situation.   People should take the time to ask questions first and by not attacking first.