Aloni Georgia


Global Warming is a big issue all around the world, together we can stop it. Fumes, toxins, smog, and emissions have tainted our once beautifully pure aired earth. Let's make it clean again.

Dear Future President,

I would like to congratulate you on winning the presidency, but I must bring up an issue that is detrimental to our environment. As a kid, have you ever wanted to travel to big places, places that you knew weren't possible? Trust me, I know know the feeling. I've always wanted to go to Australia to see the Great Ocean Road, The Sydney Opera House, and the Great Barrier reef. As you may have been informed; the Great Barrier Reef is dying. There is currently 33% of the huge underwater city that fish call home, many people ask why this issue occurred. My only answer is the truth, one of the many branches of Global Warming. As president you must take on the responsibility of working together with other world leaders in order to turn down the heat the earth is radiating.

Asthma is an issue and has been expanding ever since I was child. When I was younger, I yearned to be able to run around and play tag with the other kids; only, every time I tried to run, I'd become short of breath. My mother would get up, walk over to me with an inhaler, and pump 3 squirts of artificial air into my lungs. As usual, all the kids stopped what they were doing to stare at me, and I felt different, like a freak. I don't want other children to have to go through the same embarrassment that I did. Together we can stop the pollution of the air which is a main contributor to Global Warming.

Human influences are the number one main cause of Global Warming, especially the burning of carbon when we set aflame fossil fuels. The soot, carbon dioxide, and methane that's released into the atmosphere acts like a warm-t shirt straight out of the dryer, trapping the sun's heat and causing the ozone layer surrounding the earth to warm. Sure some might say, “We can't stop the natural heating of the earth.” Yes, that's true, but we can't go about our lives and pretend it's not happening. We can all come together to prevent / ease up on the burning of certain chemicals and untreated emissions.

The main reason for the constant change in climate is Global warming. Climate change is badly affecting foreign and third world countries.  For example, places such as Ho Chi Minh City are considered major hot spots for climate change. Ho Chi Minh City would be very badly affected by tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and sea level rise. It's had so many floods due to the warming of the core of the earth, as well. People there deserve a break, I'm willing to bet that their leader would be willing to work with you on many other things including how to address this issue.

Emissions contribute to this catastrophe as well. The toxic fumes that pour out of cars that don't get emissions checked every 2 years pollutes the air. In other third world countries, such as Turkey, Somalia, Malawi, and The Democratic Republic of Congo, the air they breathe is hot with smog , emissions, carbon dioxide, and toxic fumes. In lower budget countries where cars aren't their main priority, people don't get their cars checked every 2 years like they should.

In places like Turkey, and even here in Georgia, every 1 pound of gas emits 25 pounds of carbon dioxide, only 5% is extracted in the car; the other 95% of earth smothering emissions are blowing right out of your tailpipe. To sit around and do nothing while knowing the very air we breathe is tainted and thick with smog should fire a spark in all of us to do something.

So lastly, Future president I don't mean to sound pushy because I am just an Eighth Grade student, but you need to work with other world leaders and try to make an effort to stop our beautiful earth from becoming a baking oven. I simply won't sit back and watch the planet I know and love, melt and choke right in front of my eyes on our unmerciful toxins; toxins that just were in our tanks. We need to make this a known problem! If you don't do it for the people that live on Earth, then do it for the Earth.  She has provided us a home; let's not take advantage of that miracle. Well, what do you say? Are you in?