C Massachusetts

College Tuition

College is a once in a lifetime opportunity, please don’t deprive us from a chance in a lifetime.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on become forty fifth President of the United States of America. As President I know you have many tasks already, but I am writing to you about a topic I feel very passionate about, education prices. In your head, you are probably saying, “Oh great, another citizen complaining about school financing. “ Well Future President, I am different. Instead of complaining about how school prices have gone up, I am here to help you solve this problem. I go to public school in Massachusetts. They have a very impressive school system and I am proud to be apart of it. One thing that is so great about this system is I am getting a great education for free! But in a couple of years, that education is going to end and I will go off to college. My parents make a fair amount of money but not enough to send three kids off to college.

In 2014, John W Schoen from CNBC wrote, “Harvard's annual tuition and fees (not including room and board) will set you back $45,278”. That is an insane amount of money and this isn’t even including the price of a dorm and textbooks and even food! Now, imagine this times three. This equals $135,834. For people who make an average amount of money a year, this seems impossible to them.Everything adds up when you are in college and you would be surprised how many people can’t afford to pay for this amazing opportunity in life. Also, this is for just one school but many of other schools prices are similar or even more.

What I am proposing is that you should lower the price college in America. If you decide to do this, then more kids will attend college and the schools would still have enough money to pay for what they need. In addition, if more kids are going to college, they will be more successful in life and can make enough money to provide for their families. To conclude, please don’t take away this opportunity from me and many other students in the same position.