Lina E. Massachusetts

Police Brutality

Police brutality needs to be solved we will tell you why and how to fix this issue.

Dear Next President:

As you already know police brutality is a major issue in the United States that must be solved. We think that we should have more training for the police forces and have body cameras on all officers. If those ideas aren’t of interest, you could have a meeting to discuss the issue of police brutality. We need to solve these issues because a lot of people die, for no reason, so people will fear the police, instead of trust them to help. Also since police target African Americans and the U.S is multicultural this could break America apart.

Making it mandatory for police to wear body cameras can help with finding out the truth about police brutality and the causes of it. It is true that people lie about what is true and what isn’t. With body cameras, we could clarify what is happening, and maybe even prove that they are targeting people of different races or social class. As it stated in “Obama Is Wrong to Separate Police Brutality from Racism” by Michael Ruth “Obama emerged with proposal he hopes will restore confidence in law enforcement, including a pilot program for 50,000 police to wear body cameras.” Although this is a good step to finding out the truth we want to go a step further, we want to make it mandatory for police to wear them, this we help everyone. There are people that are seeing police brutality and questioning our society. We want everyone to feel safe, and by finding the truth of police brutality through body cameras, this could be a crucial step for stopping police brutality in all.

Police will need more training for them to understand the importance of treating all races equally, and people acceptably. All races are equal in America, and everyone needs to remember that. That means the police force should especially treat everyone equal because they are an example for the rest of the country. In the article, “The Specter of Racial Profiling Obstructs Law Enforcement” by Steve Holbert, it states “ The study revealed that almost three-quarters of young black men aged 18-34 were the individuals most likely to report being stopped by police because of their race.” This can’t happen, and we need the police officers to go through more training to find new strategies to deal with police discrimination against races and ways to solve problems police may have with different races. In the statistic “ Racial Profiling by the Largest Police Agencies in Four Selected States”, it shows how black drivers are more likely to have their cars searched and contraband, and this shows police are abusing their power by making prejudices on black drivers, when they shouldn’t bring these thoughts with them to their job. Also training could teach them new methods to solve problems instead of killing people. Police should be people we trust with our lives not the one who ends them. Putting police through more training may help the problem, and show them it's not okay to harass normal citizens.

Some people incorrectly think that police brutality is not about race or social class they may even think police brutality not a problem. As it states in “The Specter of Racial Profiling Obstructs Law Enforcement” by Steve Holbert “According to the author's, police apply force in less than 1 percent of their interactions with the public, and most often against white males, who also are more likely than minority members to be injured during these incidents.” Some people see it as everyone gets in incidents with police, and it’s normal or they believe that white people are targeted just as much or more than people of different races. Police may also have a different perspective because they may think they are just trying to help and want to keep everyone safe. Police and the people that think that police brutality is not real or does not target different races or lower social class may think this because they believe what the police are saying, not what the people that are targeted believe. Although some people believe this police brutality is not real and that police don’t target different races and people of lower social class they are wrong. As it says in “Obama Is Wrong to Separate Police Brutality from Racism” by Michael Ruth “Blacks are targeted for arrests and police abuse more than whites are, she asserts, perpetuating a careless attitude among police for black lives. Police officers must be held accountable for their actions.” As Ruth has clearly stated with his evidence most police have a bias towards people of different races and different social class.

As you can see, police brutality has gotten way out of hand. We have given you a few ideas to stop this issue, we need to stop the issue of police brutality. You could make it a requirement for all officers to wear body cameras and have more training for the officers. We hope you take our ideas into consideration. Thank you for your time reading our ideas, and proof that this is a major issue. We hope you do something about our issue even though you are very busy. We wish you luck running our country.

With great admiration and respect,

Lina E. & Nina K.

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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