Elly N. North Dakota

Stop Abortion

In America abortion is a huge problem.

Dear future president,

As the president of the United States, you will need to address many things regarding the future of our country, including the controversial topic of abortion.

Abortion is a topic that have disputed over for many years. Some say that abortion is acceptable for any reason, while others say under no circumstances is it acceptable. I believe that abortion should become illegal under all circumstances, but of course as the president, you can't exactly take that direct approach. A fetus, according to mayoclinic.org, develops a heart beat after just five weeks. While according to newhealthguide.org, the latest a person can get an abortion is between twelve and thirteen weeks. This means that the baby could be alive for over a month, then die because someone didn't want to face the consequences of their mistakes. And yes, there are those unforgivable moments where a woman becomes pregnant against their will, but aborting that poor innocent child against their will is absurd. They send people away to jail for brutally murdering people, but at lifesitenews.com, there is a method suction aspiration. This is taking a powerful vacuum that tears the fetus into little pieces and thrown away. As the president you should make a speech or many speeches regarding the reprehensible consequences it has on a person.

In conclusion, America is a great country with still many things to address at its young age. Even though change takes a while to accomplish, hopefully over time these things will improve the the better and not for the worse.


Elly N